Steven Mora

A native of Southern California, Steven Mora recalls at an early age being introduced to the world of art. With a propensity for art, Mora often found himself with paint brushes, pastels, pencils, and a sketch pad in hand. Eager to learn more, Mora studied art history in college and made it a point to visit as many art museums as possible while traveling.

With a desire to bring his art to life, Mora discovered he could apply many of his artistic abilities and techniques to make-up application. Airbrushing, a specialty for Mora, provides a flawless photo finish. Another unique skill is the sculpting of eyebrows to compliment and frame the face. Often compared to a chemist, Mora has an amazing ability to customize perfect color match foundation. Known for his use of neutral colors and well-blended tones, at The Salon by Maxime, Mora helps direct his clients towards a softer, more natural look – sharing his technique with his clients so they can look like a work of art everyday.